Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My favorite Subjects

I took the girls out to the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens on Monday. I been needing to get the girls pics made but I wanted to see if I could get some good shots before taking them somewhere. Skyler was being a little stinker and was not giving me very good shots. Some days she is so good and Kinsley is the stinker but yesterday was not her day. But I think out of the 120+ pics I took I got some good shots. I really need to get print shop or something like that. What programs do you guys use? I need something that is easy to use since I'm so new at this.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Need to get better

I have been wanting a DSLR for a really long time. We I finely got one and I'm so happy that I did!! I love taking pics of my girls and other things. Now that I have my Canon Rebel I love it even more. I cant wait to really learn what it can do. So please let me know what you think of my pics and what I can do to make them better. I'm always up for learning new things.

Here is a few pics of my flowers. I just planted last weekend. I really love this time of year. I love to see tree's starting to bloom and all the wonderful colors popping up everywhere.